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Hello and welcome to Click Surf.

First of all, thank you for visiting – we hope you like our site.

Click Surf is an online surf, snow and lifestyle clothing retailer based in Nottingham, UK. Now I know what you’re thinking… ’Nottingham’s not exactly the wave centre or powder field of the universe.’ And you’d be right, it’s not. At all. In fact, I think it’s pretty much as geographically far away from any coast line as you can get in Britain. But that doesn’t stop people living there who are passionate about the sports they do – all be it less frequently than people who live in say, the mountains or on the beach. Taking the ‘glass half full’ approach, I guess we could say that Nottingham is actually closer to every coastline than anywhere else in the UK..mmmm..anyway, enough about Nottingham or I’ll start talking about Robin Hood.

To give us a bit of kudos at least, Si – our online guru and all around good guy –lives in Sydney, Australia, which is, I think it’s fair to say, generally regarded as a pretty decent wave centre!
So, born out of the love for summer and winter sports (and a general requirement in life to earn your keep), Click Surf was started in May 2011 to provide brands that we love wearing and riding in, to people who shared our love of the life, at prices that couldn’t be sniffed at.

Since this time we’ve been steadily growing and laying the solid foundations to support us. We’re under no illusions about being ‘the biggest surf shop in Europe’ or anything like that; we’ve got a little way to go yet before we reach that status! But what we lack in size we more than make up for in passion and dedication for what we do. Our products are all carefully selected to provide succinct ranges that deliver on style, choice and technicality. Our customer service is first rate and is something we work meticulously hard at maintaining. Being small has its advantages for our customers too. We can keep our costs down, which means we can pass savings onto you guys. Happy days.

It has always been one of our aims at Click Surf to give our customers a little something extra in their shopping experience – a milk chocolate hobnob with your cup of tea if you like. And so we have an active blog that tries to go a bit beyond your regular product review or style update. We produce a series of articles about things we find interesting and think that you may do too. As well as the regular Q&As we have with notable members of the sport and music word, such as DJ Yoda and Sergi Niclos, there’s our ‘Top 5’ series which provides alternative takes on stuff, such as ‘Top 5 Ways to Get From A to B’ or ‘Top 5 Alternative Action Sports’. Check it out.

We love what we do here at Click and we hope you like what you see. We’re a very personal bunch so please feel free to get in contact.

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Thanks again for dropping by :-)

The Click Surf Team